Outshine Education Center is pleased to cooperate with the UC San Diego|Extension on providing cutting edge courses for the Scripps Ranch and Mira Mesa communities. These classes will start August 2017 on Mondays. Space is limited. Earlier registration to secure your spot is encouraged. Outshine Education Center will be hosting two exciting new programs taught by UCSD staff. These programs are the same as those taught at UCSD during summer. College credit is optional for high school students taking the VR Game Programming Class.



VR is Virtual Reality! VR will change our world. VR will This is an exiting opportunity to begin VR Game Programming using your smart phone as a virtual reality medium.
No previous programming experience is required. This is the introductory class.
Students will make a program to allow a user to interact with your virtual reality. Programming will be conducted in C# (C-Sharp), a very popular and relevant programming language in use around the world today.
After making the program, the students will upload their program and use it on their smart phone. Students will be able to share what they’ve done with their friends

VR requirements

Welcome to VR Programming Requirements.

Firstly, there is no prior programming experience required. You simply need to have a desire to learn. VR programming is fun and we look forward to having you join us.

Secondly, the requirements:

  1. A laptop that you can bring to each class.

  2. The laptop must be able to install and use Unity programming environment. Some recent computers only let you install apps, these might not be suitable for the class.

  3. You will have to install and accept the license agreement for the free (personal) edition of Unity. The instructor should be able to help you with the install.

  4. Either PC (Windows based) or Mac (Apple based) laptop will work.

  5. A smart phone (either iPhone or android.)

VR Headset