Information About Services
Homework Help

Individualized training involves tutoring practice and explanation. Student will receive personal assistance with their educational needs. Students can bring homework, study and preparatory materials from their class, or receive assistance with material directed by Outshine Education Center staff. The student will receive explanations while the teacher tries to present ideas necessary for them to understand. We work hard to provide teaching at a level that the learner can comprehend, so that we can help them rise to the next level. Please note that we do not do the homework for the student. We will try to explain the material so the student can answer the questions on their own. We try to diagnose where the difficulty lies, so we can instruct in that particular point so the student can develop their intellect.


Group tutoring
Group tutoring sessions are designed to help students with questions while they do their homework. Students are expected to work diligently and to ask questions as they run into difficulty. If the student needs intensive individual attention, then One-on-one tutoring is recommended either in conjunction with or in distinction from group sessions.

Special classes
We also offer special Math Classes at Outshine. These classes are designed to motivate children to practice math, to building math skills, and understand concepts. Some classes require texts which are to be read and from which questions are to be answered as homework.

One-on-one training
For students who need dedicated focus Outshine offers Exclusive One-on-One tutoring. Students can get in depth explanations. This type of tutoring is required when the student requires a lot of the teacher’s time or when the student can’t get their work done when others are studying in the same group. In one-on-one sessions, the students gets dedicated assistance with their homework* or pursue intellectual advancement independent of school work.

*    Please note that Outshine staff will not do students homework on behalf of the student. We will do our best to teach students to answer questions with abilities they develop and to help students develop the skills they need to answer the questions asked.

English Writing

We have a great writing program. Students can learn to write essays and to develop their creative writing skills. Students will have the opportunity to produce the famed 5-paragraph essay. Students will learn content structures for these kinds of papers. We also teach creative writing. This isn’t a class just for the student to sit and just write. Students will have the opportunity to learn about stories and how to produce them with time-tested techniques while creating content. Students will get feedback and teaching on grammar, organization, punctuation, spelling, and other topics such as sentence variety and enhancing sentences.


Outshine offers practice speaking and writing Mandarin Chinese. We work with students in small group sessions. Students practice writing and memorizing Chinese characters, reading and pronouncing Chinese characters, and learning how to use Chinese in conversation. 


Outshine offers opportunity to speak, read, and write Spanish. If you are interested in a Spanish class, please let us know your current level or proficiency in Spanish and what times would work for you. Please join us to practice Spanish. 

Typing Class

Are you tired of typing using only one or two fingers? Learn how to type properly on the QWERTY keyboard. Hand position and typing form will be studied. Students will learn to type without looking at the keyboard. Typing speed should improve with increased accuracy. Once typing is mastered, the process of typing should be more enjoyable and will help the students throughout their life.


One of the owners of Outshine is a graduate of an art institute from China with work experience producing animated art. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy painting, drawing, and working on craft projects. Students will gain understanding and exposure to the color wheel with guidance on choosing colors and producing artistic effects from it.


One of Outshine’s owners has is a research scientist with both professional R&D and teaching experience. We provide tutoring in Chemistry and Physics. We have opportunities for those interested in taking a class for chemistry or AP chemistry. Students can improve their understanding of class material from school and learn the connections between scientific ideas and the mathematics which expresses the physical relationships.

English Grammar

Join us for a thorough foray into English Grammar as we tackle beginning concepts and move to advanced topics. We will discuss many of the important areas in English grammar so that you will be able to correct your own English usage, understand English structures used in speech and writing, and formulate the ideas you want to express. There will be time to discuss and practice the material. 

This class is useful for all English speakers whether or not English is a first or second language. Students will learn how to understand, speak, and write sentences that are more complex and have few if any grammatical errors. At the start of class we’ll introduce the parts of speech used in English. However, we won’t stop there; we’ll cover issues such as sentence structure (e.g., what makes a sentence), phrases and clauses (adjectival, adverbial, and noun), verbs (e.g., formation and use of all tenses, regular and irregular verbs, active vs. passive verbs, agreement with subjects), nouns (e.g., singular and plural for both regular and irregular nouns, noncount vs. count, demonstratives with nouns), pronouns (e.g., agreement with nouns and usage in sentence structure), modals (e.g., polite request, obligation, preference), and conjunctions (coordinative and subordinating), along with gerunds and infinitives (verb forms used as nouns).

This class will cover the topics of English that will help you for the rest of your writing career, whether it be for school, work, or personal development. Join us for fun and a bit of work to practice these concepts. You should come away feeling more confident in English and develop a framework for mastering English. See you there!